Annually the Department of Infrastructure undertakes a programme of vegetation trimming (and where required silt removal) works on the Northern Trenches ditch system to improve channel conveyance and reduce flood risk. The works predominately occur between June and September.

Prior to, during and after the maintenance work has been completed, livestock owners are advised to check the working area to ensure that any toxic/ invasive plants growing within the watercourse have not been disturbed during the maintenance works. The management of toxic and invasive non-native species are the responsibility of the landowner to manage.

Under section 18 of the Flood Risk Management Act 2013, the department requires the 9.1m corridor along the banks of all designated watercourses be free from obstruction that affects, or may affect maintenance access and works unless consent have been given.

Current year’s programme can be found here:

Northern Trench Maintenance Programme 2022

Previous years programmes can be found here:

Northern Trench Maintenance Programme 2019

Northern Trench Maintenance Programme 2020

Northern Trench Maintenance Programme 2021

Future years programme will be uploaded here each March.