The Everbridge Mass Notification System was introduced following the withdrawal of the All Island Public Warning Sirens.  

The system enables the emergency services to issue critical information during emergency situations which are aimed at saving lives and properties.  The system will send you a message from the emergency services advising you on an action to take in the event of a developing situation, during an incident and following an incident.  For example, we may need you to evacuate from an area for a reason, we will send you a message and some instructions.  We can also ask you a question, i.e. are you safe?  Press 1 if you are, Press 2 if you need assistance etc.  We can then follow this up and get you the help you need.  The system will also send you messages in a variety of ways, via a text, an email and to as many different routes as you register.  The system will continue to send you messages until you acknowledge one and we know you are safe.  It can even be used for those who do not have smart phones and emails.  

  • We will not update personal details, this remains the responsibility of those registering to receive messages
  • When you opt out your information will be deleted automatically from the service
  • You can stop receiving messages at any time by selecting stop and restart when you choose
  • For those who do not have access to the internet or a smart phone, registration can be done on their behalf and with the individual's permission by a family member or friend to receive automated messages via a landline number
  • We will send one test message per year and will only send critical messages to ensure your safety

Sign up for the Isle of Man Government Notification System.