About Us

The Transfer of Function Order (TOFO) was approved by Tynwald and came into effect on 1 November 2020. The Department of Infrastructure (DOI) formed the Flood Management Division, which is responsible for, and must generally supervise, all matters relating to Flood Risk Management (FRM).

Our new division, the ‘Flood Management Division’, has brought together staff from both the Manx Utilities and the DOI into a team under a single point of political leadership. The staff of the Department’s Met Office are also incorporated into this team.  

The Flood Risk Management Act, 2013 drives our mandate. Under this legislation we may do any or all of the following core functions: 

  • prepare and publish FRM strategies;
  • carry out surveys to identify what FRM works are required;
  • prepare and publish FRM plans stating FRM works that the Authority proposes to carry out;
  • provide and operate flood warning systems;
  • protect the Island from flood risks by providing, maintaining, improving or extending FRM works and watercourses;
  • monitor both FRM works and watercourses and systems for them;
  • provide, install, operate and maintain apparatus required for the monitoring of systems;
  • prepare, gather and publish other information it considers relevant concerning FRM;
  • carry out research and provide education and guidance concerning FRM