Flood Alleviation Scheme

Protecting Laxey

The Flood Management Division supported by specialist consultants JBA have completed work that identifies flood risk reduction opportunities possible within the Laxey area.  Over 50 options were identified for river, tidal and surface water flood risk alleviation to protect Laxey.  Options were evaluated for suitability, build-ability, economic viability, and environmental sustainability.  A summary of what is proposed can be found here: 

Laxey Flood Alleviation Scheme 

A public consultation event was held in September 2020 which provided us with valuable community input. This information has been collated and will be considered in the progression of the scheme.  

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Technical reports: 

Laxey FAS - Overview report 

Laxey FAS - Flood Mechanisms 

Laxey FAS - Catchment Resilience 

Laxey FAS - Surface Water Management 

Laxey FAS - Natural Flood Risk Management 

Laxey FAS - Long List Options