Flood Alleviation Scheme

Protecting Ramsey

Design concept

Following a commitment to the people of Ramsey, the Advisory Flood Group supported by specialist consultants JBA Consulting have assessed the flood risk and developed different design concept for three different areas on Ramsey Coast: Ramsey Queens Promenade, Ramsey North Promenade and the area between The Vollan and Dog Mills.

Having reviewed the reports, the Department of Infrastructure determined that the only work required at this time is to undertake initial design to install seawall flood boards and/ or gates in the openings to the Ramsey Queens Promenade sea wall as appropriate.

The Department intends to review the evidence again in around 5 years’ time.

Flood Investigation Reports

The Flood Management Division when becoming aware of a potentially serious flood risk to people and property, will carry out investigations to determine the source and potential impacts of flooding. The following reports are published to provide the public with flood risk information in their areas. Reports will be published when undertaken and appropriate to do so. The following reports have been undertaken so far:

Gibbs Park - Summary Report

Gibbs Park - Drainage Review